"Christopher Egan fine art photography, by Art Visions Hawaii "

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Showcasing the extraordinary fine art photographs of Christopher Egan, Christopher Egan Galleries was established keeping the fine art collector in mind.  After over fifteen years in the art business, Chris takes all he has learned about what art collectors value and has put it into practice.  He focuses on not only the aesthetics of his work (in terms of color, composition, and subject matter), but he also focuses on the pricing of the work.  Chris is working toward creating more appropriate prices as an alternative to the traditional over pricing he believes has been a standard in the art market place for years.  According to Chris, since “we produce, manufacture, publish and retail, so we don't have to over charge for the art.”  We are proud to say we are the largest art market in the world and offer uncompromising quality photographic images at wholesale prices.

Christopher Egan has been creating extraordinary fine art photographs for many years.  With a focus on the exquisite gifts nature has to offer, his subject matter ranges from the delicate translucency of a tiny dewdrop, to the breathtaking, sweeping panorama of a lush tropical valley.  These beautiful compositions are enhanced by a distinctive printing process (that you will not see anywhere else), developed by Chris.  His method utilizes a special pearlized crystal photographic substrate in conjunction with our proprietary metal and lexan face-mounting process which ensures that the colors will be brighter and sharper to last a lifetime of enjoyment.  The elegant, clean, contemporary, frameless style of mounting is of the finest in the world.  Our Crystal windows are the perfect addition to any home or office and will light up any environment with sensational brilliance.

Every fine art limited edition graphic in carefully crafted, personally inspected, and finally signed and numbered by Christopher.  A Certificate of authenticity will be provided with each fine art image.  The edition sizes are extremely small, keeping the art very rare to the fine art collector, and are available in five standard sizes: 16x24, 20x35, 24x36, 30x45 and 40x60.  Custom orders up to 48x 70 available upon request.  Extreme care is taken throughout the creation process and is continued after purchase as we professionally pack, ship and fully insure every fine art graphic for safe delivery anywhere in the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us. Updated images are added every time a new image is released to the public, so please save this in “Your Favorites”.